We are famous for welcoming everyone as equals; the vegans,
the veggies, the meat eaters and everyone in between. Not only that, but we are passionate about our fresh, Yorkshire produce. Source is a family-run business, bringing together those that believe in quality, creativity, good - honest healthy food and minimum waste.

Source is an innovative, ethical, independent restaurant in the heart of York 

This is not a story 'about the people behind our brand', we are our brand.
You need to know that we like food so much that we grow it at home (we said we like it fresh!) We experiment, we create and we care - it shows and is proven in a stack* of nice things people say about us below...

*make sure you check out our famous brunch stack!


Good food, prepared with care and love. And that’s priceless.

“This is one of those rare restaurants that specialises both in vegetarian food, but also in good, locally-sourced, slow-cooked meat dishes. It’s a boon for someone like me: a vegetarian whose wife is a confirmed meat eater. All too often, when eating out, we have to either go vegetarian, in which case my wife is not really satisfied, or mainstream, in which case I have to find something to eat from a usually nominal list of vegetarian dishes.”

York Press